Copernicus Services

Deimos Imaging has been actively contributing to the European Union´s flagship Copernicus Programme for years: through the wall-to wall coverages VHR IMAGE 2015, EUR HR2 MULTITEMP and, currently, the VHR IMAGE 2018.

Our satellite Deimos-1 joined the Copernicus Contributing Mission in 2010. Following its legacy, Deimos-2 also became a Copernicus Contributing Mission in April 2015. In addition, both satellites are actively supporting the Copernicus Emergency Mapping Service (EMS), Deimos-2 being the only European satellite together with Pleiades capable of providing sub-metric multispectral imagery.

Deimos Imaging’s strong contribution to Copernicus relies on our unique offer that enables the provision of a cost-effective and highly responsive service to cope with the increasing need of fast access to satellite imagery. In addition, our success is endorsed by the satisfaction of our users.

“It is a pleasure to work with a reliable provider such as Deimos Imaging, a key contributor to the ESA Earthnet activities as Third Party Mission and also to the Copernicus Programme as Contributing Mission” said Dr. Giuseppe Ottavianelli, ESA Earth Observation Third Party Missions Manager.

European HR2 Multitemporal

Deimos-1 contributed to pan-European land services, land use and land cover mapping, through the creation of the Copernicus CORE dataset EUR HR2 MULTITEMP within the framework of Copernicus Data Warehouse phase 2. In cooperation with its twin satellite Airbus’ UK-DMC2, it acquired imagery over Europe during the 2015 crop season, from 1st April to 31st October, with a base coverage Area of Interest (AoI) of the 39 European states plus DOMs regions (French Guiana, Martinique, Guadeloupe, Reunion and Mayotte), for multitemporal agricultural studies and crop classification. Both sensors provided an unprecedented series of monthly wall-to-wall continental coverages, with 20-m multispectral imagery, fulfilling stringent cloud coverage limits below 10% and 20%, depending on the area. This dataset provided a unique monitoring of the continent, anticipating and complementing the data stream currently provided by the two Sentinel-2 satellites and ensuring a consistent and reliable reference for time series.

Pan-European coverage acquired for Copernicus by Deimos-1 and UK-DMC2 from April to October 2015 including the coverage’s frequency to optimize the cloud cover of the final dataset.

Optical VHR multi-spectral and panchromatic coverage

Deimos Imaging contributed to the wall-to-wall VHR IMAGE 2015 CORE dataset within the framework of Copernicus Data Warehouse phase 2, the optical cloud free VHR coverage of Europe with less than 1m-class satellites. Deimos-2 was assigned with 17 large regions distributed over Central and Northern Europe, achieving full coverage. This dataset is currently available to Copernicus users serving a large range of applications such as the monitoring of biodiversity in riparian zones, coastal areas, risk and protected areas, and Land Parcel Identification Systems.

VHR IMAGE 2015 large regions allocation per data provider

VHR IMAGE 2018: Our Virtual Constellation in use

Following our success as data providers to the Copernicus Programme, Deimos Imaging became a key member of the consortium awarded with the VHR IMAGE 2018 contract. Within this project led by Airbus we provide market-leading quality control processes, technical knowledge and significant expertise.

This ambitious project aims to achieve the full coverage of Europe in a short timeframe of months. It involves the collection, processing and supply of cloud-free, seamless, very-high resolution imagery of 39 European countries - 6 Million km2 – with 50cm-class satellites.

Deimos Imaging coordinates operations among multiple international partners, leveraging a unique Virtual Constellation, which pulls together various Earth Observation satellites. We manage coverage operations, following the entire acquisition cycle, from tasking to delivery, on-time and on spec. In addition, we perform rigorous data quality checks to meet the high standards set by ESA and to ensure dataset consistency.

The data will feed the geo-information services with which European institutions and governments implement their environmental, land and crisis management policies. This dataset will be available to institutional users on a European and national level, and will serve a large range of application domains such as land administration, forestry and environment, security and public safety.

The road to UrtheDaily

These projects have all paved the way to our current ‘UrtheDaily Precursor Service’, which supports our customer base and will evolve successfully leading us to UrtheDaily.

“UrtheDaily is the world’s first Earth Observation system planned from the ground-up, to truly power machine-learning and artificial intelligence-ready geo-analytics applications, on a global scale”, said Jamie Ritchie, Chief Commercial Officer at Deimos Imaging. “A paradigm shift in utilizing EO data, people will be able to plug-in to a consistent flow of high-quality, scientific-grade data, every day, exploding the application possibilities.”

The ‘UrtheDaily Precursor Service’ is based on diversified multi-satellite imagery, bringing together various Earth Observation assets that result in an increased coverage frequency. This remarkable capability is crucial for multitemporal agricultural studies and crop classification. All the data is corrected and verified to ensure a coherent imagery service based on a consistent dataset.

In addition, our coordinated operation activities with our partners are based on years of experience in managing satellite operations. The availability of the ‘UrtheDaily precursor service’ now, supports our customer base and will evolve successfully, leading us to UrtheDaily.